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Topline Advisory gives us the support to focus the business and compare ourselves to others in the industry while reviewing and expanding our product range, improving our contracts and adding staff.  Providing a sounding board, highlighting the positives and negatives and sorting out the important issues from those which can easily distract from the 'big picture', Bruce has been assisting to build a successful, stable and secure company structure.

Alex Valentine – Allco Waterproofing Solutions Ltd



Bruce orchestrated regular documented meetings with agendas which created a situation where issues were brought to the surface, discussed, tasks delegated and results monitored. Without this new structure being strictly enforced there was never enough time, or the format, to encourage and develop the ideas that already existed within the company. Because of the changes, we are now able to spend more time in planning and developing those areas of the business that better utilise its strengths.

Neville Sturmfels – Sansom Construction Systems Ltd



We worked with Bruce for two and a half years. In that time, with his help, we have seen our turnover doubled, a new division of the company was formed and we have just won the Lewisham Award for Excellence as the Outstanding Caterer of the Year. Working with Bruce has given us the confidence to grow the company and develop in a controlled and manageable manner. He was like a board member to us, a much-valued part of running the business effectively.

Jamie Miller – Mint Kitchen Catering Ltd


We have been using Bruce Taylor as a Business advisor for more than 10 years. We find him very approachable, interested in our business and willing to help with a lot of the mechanics of running a business that we often push to one side because it is too hard or we do not have the experience to deal with it in an efficient manner. One of the most valuable things that we get from Bruce is that he makes us think and as business owners, we often do not allow ourselves enough time to do that.


Paul Burgess – Neo Design Ltd



Bruce has been an invaluable mentor, advisor and sounding board over the years. He is wise, experienced, patient, empathetic and understanding. I trust him implicitly to provide support in all circumstances and to look after my best interests. He has the rare skill of being able to treat stressful situations with care and humour. I strongly recommend him as an adviser who can add great value to your business.

Megan Brice – Integrity Solutions Centre Ltd

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